Nice Day at the Library

There are a lot of courses and information available here at the Learning Centre. My favorite thing we offer at the library, though, is the children’s story time. I know most people think of libraries as quiet places with serious books and studious people hunched over desks and reading. But setting aside a place for children to learn how to read and inspire them to love reading is amazing. Having kids visit is always a highlight of my day.

A good library knows that it needs to meet the needs of its community. And children are part of the community, aren’t they? Two reasons it is beneficial to include children are because you want families to feel welcome by providing children’s books and a safe place for the kids to spend time, and also because kids who use the library at a young age turn into lifelong readers and library patrons.

While a lot of our services cater to adults, providing job resources and the like, we do have some great things for the children. The aforementioned story time, which we do weekly, is for kids ages six and under. It always brings a crowd, which is great here on a weekday morning! There were a quite a few kids today with their parents, which made reading the story a bit of a challenge, volume-wise.

Afterward, we lead them in a craft that went with the story – it was about animals, so we had paper plates and all kinds of odds and ends for them to decorate the plates to make animal masks. Once the kids were done, we had them act out their favorite parts of the story. It eventually turned into a performance of the book several times. I think I know the whole thing by heart now.

We have over 200 books here for the kids and many took a few home with them, too. There were even a few empty shelves once the last item had been checked out and the kids went home. I couldn’t tell who was who at that point because they all still had their masks on. The kids seemed like they had a great time. The parents looked relieved that their kids were so interested and well behaved. I think it was probably because the book was so fun and they all really liked doing the craft. Or at least, I think they did because the children’s area was a huge wreck when they all left.

I got to clean it all up. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, I put on some music and put my headphones in. First, I salvaged anything that could be reused for a different activity. Boy, kids can destroy glue sticks in a super short amount of time! I also think I’m going to talk to my boss about reconsidering stocking feathers and glitter, because that was by far the hardest items to clean up.