Keep Learning

I think learning is a process that you never outgrow and you are never done with. For a while after I finished with school, I felt like my brain got kind of turned to mush. My job wasn’t all that challenging, and I barely even cracked open a book or watched the news. I did practically nothing. I think I forgot most of the things I used to know. I started to bore even myself. I needed a change. I started watching the news in the morning as I was eating breakfast, and reading a bit more. Then I started spending time at the learning centre and it is like the whole world opened up to me. A day that I don’t learn anything is a day I’ve wasted, is how I feel now. It gives me motivation to try something, read something, or talk to somebody I might never have before. Luckily where I work, that is pretty easy. I’m never short reading materials or people to chat with here!

Even on my busy days, I try to make it a point to learn something. I’m not picky. It could be anything, from a simple piece of trivia to something I learn about myself. For example, last week, I watched a video to learn how to trouble shoot my constantly-running toilet. I ended up fixing it all by myself! That was pretty cool. Another example that didn’t go quite so well: my mom gave me an old family recipe a while back and I decided to try it for dinner last night. Rather disappointingly, I learned that I’m not that great at cooking — even when following a recipe. That was a bit of a blow to the old ego, for sure. And today, I learned something new about how to use my computer thanks to a course we offered at the Learning Centre. So, not everything I learn is earth-shattering in its importance, but I think it helps me become a more well-rounded and interesting person.

The world we live in nowadays has information just about everywhere you look. 24-hour news stations, websites, various publications, and through simply interacting on social media. Things that used to take forever might only take a few second to find out. All you have to do is invest a little bit of time, and you might walk away with some new knowledge or a new skill. If nothing else, you have something you can talk about around the dinner table or on a date or something. I think it will probably make writing (and reading) this blog a little more interesting as well – lucky for you, huh?

Is there something that you’d like to learn more about? How do you plan on going about it?